Low Fat Recipe for Mocha Frappe

Most people crave for a mocha frappe. Its taste is very appealing to all kinds of people which is why many coffee shops offer this coffee variety. A tall glass of mocha frappe can serve as your drink and your dessert at the same time. It has the richness and the sweetness of the chocolate flavour as well as the bitter, organic taste of coffee. It is no wonder why people love this kind of coffee so much.

However, everyone should exercise caution as the ingredients in the recipe for mocha frappe are calorie-laden. In total, there are 470 calories in one recipe for mocha frappe. There are 17 grams of fat, 77 grams of Carbohydrates and only 7 grams of protein in every recipe for mocha frappe.

But for those who still want to continue drinking this unique coffee beverage, you have the alternative of making your low-fat recipe for mocha frappe. You can start off by using non-fat or skim milk instead of the regular milk that they use in most coffee shops. You also have the option of limiting the amount of sugar or using artificial sweeteners to lessen your calorie intake. Some people also substitute the regular chocolate syrup for their home-made syrup made from dark chocolates which is about 10 times healthier than ordinary milk chocolates.

Making your own homemade recipe for mocha frappe is not difficult at all. All you have to do is to combine the coffee, sugar and chocolate syrup and mix them in a blender. Once these are mixed well, you may now add in the milk and ice and blend them until the solution appears frothy. Adding whipped cream is optional especially if you are trying to watch your calories. However, in this low-fat recipe for mocha frappe, you can make use of Reddi Whip Fat Free Whipped Topping to get a healthier alternative while still not depriving your taste buds.